Chairman of the jury

Peter Dikov – Chief architect of Sofia Capital Municipality
Architect Peter Dikov has a diploma from the Higher Institute for Architecture and Building, Sofia (1978). Currently he is the Chief Architect of the capital Sofia. He is an active member of the Bulgarian Architects’ Association. He has an extensive knowledge and experience in the public sector, state administration, programs for modernization and town-planning issues. He has worked on different international projects as well, which include the plans for urban development in Angola, Libya, Syria and Vietnam. Architect Dikov takes part in different international conferences and seminars part of UN, also in various regional conferences as a moderator and a participant.

Members of the jury

Peter Torniov – architect
Peter Torniov was born in 1970 in Sofia, Bulgaria. He got his Master degree and architecture diploma from Vienna University of Technology (1999). He was a freelancer in several architecture offices in Vienna, which led him to his collaboration with Coop Himmelblau (between 1999 and 2000). Peter Torniov was assistant professor for five years at the Vienna University of Technology, in 2003 founded +architecture ltd in Sofia and in 2005 a branch in Bucharest, Romania along with his partner Stefan Petkov. Peter Torniov is a member of the Austrian Chamber of Architects (2006). At the present moment he is chief editor of the architectural periodic Abitare Bulgaria. He is present in the Jury as a representative of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria.

Bart Lens – architect, LENS°ASS
Bart Lens (b. 1959) obtained his diploma from the Provinciaal Hoger Architectuur Institut in 1982. After carrying out an internship with Jo Spaas at St-Hybrechts Lille he gained professional working for several different architects such as M. Jaspers (Projects: SAS Hotel in Brussels, CERA Headquarters in Leuven. Limeparts in Genk and the Dockside Discoteque in Hasselt). In 1995 he started up his own practice in Hasselt. The business has since grown into a young, dynamic team that works under his leadership on a wide range of projects: interiors, shops, homes, industrial complexes, residential districts, etc. The designs bear witness to a pragmatic realistic approach to building assignments and a great attention to the actual execution thereof where different design choices have a great impact on the desired ambiance. Ambiance that is not a result of decorating and adding accessories, but ambiance that is an actual part of the ensemble of the architecture. Bart Lens was recently appointed guest teacher at the St. Lucas Institutes in Gent and Brussels for the Department of Architecture. On 31 October 2007 he opened his second office in Brussels. In 2011 he obtained his diploma “Energiebewust architect” at the NAV institute.

Adam Hatvani – architect, sporarchitects
sporaarchitects is a Budapest based office – architects, designers, and thinkers operating within the fields of architecture, urbanism, research and development. The four partners, Tibor Dékány (1968), Sándor Finta (born 1973, Budapest), Ádám Hatvani (1972) and Orsolya Vadász (1976) opened practice in 2002, after gaining experience working for different Hungarian and international studios. All of them graduated from the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME). Among others, they currently work on one of Hungary’s most significant projects, the construction of the underground line called Metro4. This challenging design process requires matching innovative architecture with complex technological points of view.

Eduardo Gutiérrez Munné – architect, ON-A
Eduardo Gutiérrez Munné was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1978 and co-founded ON-A, together with Jordi Fernández Río, in 2005. Through a series of award-winning design projects and buildings, Eduardo Gutiérrez has gained an international reputation as a member of a new generation of architects who combine shrewd analysis, experimentation and social responsibility. His experience includes 12 years as an architect and 8 years as a project leader. Eduardo brings his expertise in business development and in project management to his proposals around the globe. Within architecture of transportation, he collaborates with TMB to generate projects, applying augmented reality, especially in underground stations. Along with his architectural practice, Eduardo has been active as a speaker at several forums and schools of architecture. Also in addition to his experience with ON-A, Eduardo Gutiérrez has previously acted as a project architect for AJN (Atelier Jean Nouvel) in Paris and FOA (Foreign Office Architects) in London, acting as a member of the designing team for the Olympic Games Masterplan 2012, the winning project, in the latter.

Georgi Katov – architect, i/o architects
Georgi Katov receives his Master degree of architecture in 1999 from UACEG. He worked in Noble Associates and Radina Gesheva Atelier until 2002 when he is awarded a scholarship of the Japanese government to specialize in Tokyo University of Technology at Yoshiharu Tsukamoto’s Atelier Bow-Wow. In 2004 along with Vyara Jelyazkova he founds I/O architects; they work together on their first project remotely. In their work they combine the Bulgarian experience with the outsider’s critical point of view. The projects are characterized by multidirectional experiment and sensibility towards the context of the local nature, cities and society. The architecture of I/O architects is formally reserved and avoids the risks of the Transition esthetics. Georgi Katov was a curator of Sofia Architecture Week 2010 and is present in the Jury as a representative of the festival and Edno Magazine.

Elena Paktiaval – architect, RGB
Graduated 1998 in UACEG.
Masters in History and Theory of Architecture.
Specialization in Protecting and adaptation of of architectural monuments.
Publications in magazines NASH DOM, Kuhnyata and Idealen dom.

Anna Tilova – architect, Metroproekt
In 1975 Anna Tilova graduates UACEG, Sofia
1975 – 1978 is architect in ‘Agroprom proekt’
1978 – 1989 is architect in ‘Metroproekt’
1989 – 2005 is architect at Bulgarian National Railways
In the period 2005 – 2008 is architect in ‘Adeko’ and building supervisor of Metro Stations 8 and 9 in Sofia
2008 – present is architect at ‘Sistra’; she participates in the supervision of Metro Stations 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 in Sofia

Andrey Velinov – architect, Dot Arhitectura
Andrey Velinov is graduated at UACEG in 2003 and since then he works with various architecture offices like Makt Engineering and ATA ARH. He has been awarded several first prizes in architectural competitions. From 2007 he has own practice – Dot Arhitektura. From 2008 he teaches in the Architectural faculty at VSU “L. Karavelov” In the moment he works also with City Design Development.
He is present in the Jury as a representative of the Union of Architects in Bulgaria.

Boris Milchev – head of legal department of Sofia Capital Municipality, Architecture and Urban Spatial Development Service

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